We are EMPOWERED by the EMPOWERMENT of each other...

You’re not here for a purpose that you need to find, you must decide upon a purpose that would maximise your meaning in life.

It’s up to you.

You were not born with it.

It was not pre-determined for you.


It is YOUR responsibility to dedicate your heart beats to making the difference that YOU personally have experienced would be of most meaning to you.


For me, that’s about being a leader who empowers others to be their own leaders.

Helping those leaders create other leaders.

I envision a world in which we are all empowered by the empowerment of each other.

Where my success is your success, and your success is my success.

There is no ‘you against me’.


There is simply us:

A unified team who do whatever it takes to be our most empowered selves who can reach back and reach over and ignite empowerment within one another. 


I want to personally reach forward.

I want to intimately reach sideward.

I want to purposefully reach...

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You ALWAYS Have the Answers Within

You always have the answers within. 

Your intuition guides you towards those answers. 

So much of our confusion in life stems from doubting our intuition and overvaluing the voices, opinions and judgements from our external environment.  

When you take the time to tap into your inner wisdom, and when you have the courage to follow what you find there, you will come to realise that you always have the answers you seek.  

And, as you tap further into this truth, you'll begin to be able to pinpoint all those times in your life where you had the answers but chose to ignore them and doubt them. 

Have faith in yourself. 

Begin the journey of building trust within yourself. 

Your internal wisdom will always guide you in the direction of what is truly most meaningful and authentic to you. 

This meaning and authentic alignment is your pathway to your fulfilment. Nothing else can substitute the level of fulfilment, freedom and empowerment that...

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The ART of Meeting Your Needs Healthily within Your INTIMATE Partnership

An inspired message I sent to my partner yesterday:

“I want to use our relationship as a portal to deepening with the Divine through each other - to experience oneness with the divine through the sacredness of our union.”


Do you meet your needs within your relationship primarily? Or as an individual?

…One runs the risk of codependence and the other may jeopardise the trust and depth of love available to both of you.

Both are necessary, but the art is in finding ways to meet your needs individually and collectively without these two being at odds with one another (…or the two individuals involved being at odds with one another!). 

What makes this an art is that you creatively find mutually aligned strategies for meeting your own, and each others needs, without sacrifice of love or freedom in intimate partnership.

Instead, we substitute  the old paradigm of PERSONAL SACRIFICE, for FULFILLING INTEGRATION, by holding a HIGHER VISION for...

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Love is the Experience of Beauty

You are being called towards your alignment with your highest self in both love and purpose.

You are an extension of the Divine.

You are being called to step up to the highest potential of love through the experience of beauty within and all around you.

You are here to stand fully in the magnificence of Universal beauty, and through your surrender to Divine guidance, you become a Lighthouse of Love that reminds others to their own true nature and interconnectedness. 

…To  inspire yourself and others to boldly and courageously transcend ego and realise our collective role in the Universe as its heart chakra from which to allow and be in the flow of love generated by the experience of beauty in absolute awe. 

Your purpose is to revel in the beauty.

…To surrender to the Divine within and all around you.

…To awaken to awe.

…To be present to love as the experience of beauty in its purity.

…To stay true to intuition - your inner guide.


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Align with Purpose & Release Your Need for External Approval

Is your sense of self-worth directly linked to the emotional fluctuations of those around you? 

Does your sense of value rise and fall in conjunction with others response to you? 

One of the most dominant limiting patterns I held for many years subconsciously was my dependence on others to determine my value which I gauged directly by their emotional fluctuations that I perceived were in response to me.

I personally believed I had to prove my value in order to be taken care of and not thrown out on the streets - a story I made up before I could be expected to have very much emotional intelligence and remained unchallenged until I was well and truly an adult.

This belief made me hyper aware of the emotional states and fluctuations of those around me.

I looked to their responses to me to determine whether I was a good or a bad person; a valuable person or a burdensome person.

Once the pain of this pattern drew enough need to come into my awareness, I began a series of...

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Self-Awareness Work...

Self-awareness work….

It’s easy to judge, and difficult to do.

...One gives you a false sense of superiority and the other gives you humility. 

...One stunts your growth and brings others down, and the other enhances your expansion and inspires others to grow with you. 

Just make sure you’re no the one in the ‘Judging’ position when it comes to yours or anyone else’s work.

Opt for humility all-day-long over that false sense of superiority.

The path of humility leads to a consciously created fulfilling existence.

The path of false superiority leads merely to nihilism and regret. 


If you’re ready to deepen into your Self-Awareness work then I invite you to apply to join The Golden Circle at The Limitless Potential Academy.

Simply send an email with the title “Golden Circle Application” to: [email protected]

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No-one is Worth Sacrificing Yourself For...

Having compassion, love and understanding for another does not look like you allowing them to treat you like sh*&.

Having compassion, love and understanding for another looks like you showing them your boundaries.

If you are consistently being treated poorly by a person or people in your life, instead of being victimised, take the power back by working out how you’ve contributed to their belief in how they can treat you.

We train others how to treat us.

Yes, as humans we are going to slip up and make mistakes.

Yes, as humans we are going to say and do the wrong things at times.

Yes, as humans we are going to get caught up in our survival fears and behave accordingly at times.

But, and it’s a BIG but, there is NO excuse for taking your fears out on those around you.


Seek support, seek guidance, but don’t forget to complete the most empowering act:




Taking responsibility is the most...

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You Are a Team of Your Past, Present & Future Selves

You are a team of three selves.

Your past self.

Your present self.

Your future self.

This team can work harmoniously in your most empowered direction, or disharmoniously sabotaging your progress and fulfilment.

Each self relates to the others whether you are consciously aware of this or not.

What thoughts and emotions do you generate when you think about your past self’s actions or inactions?

Do you look back in regret? In shame? With judgement and condemnation?

Don’t be disappointed with a past self that now resides in a wiser present that could not be without those judged past actions.

Decide to connect deeply with the immense challenge that past self endured to make way for a more empowered you who is much more likely to design the quality of life you would most wish to experience.

Your past self has given your present self the opportunity to make your future self thankful.

Don’t waste your present discouraging yourself from accessing your potential because...

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Without Self-Love...

Treat self-love as your oxygen breathing life into your fulfilment.

Without self love, you are a self in search for love that you do not feel worthy of receiving.

You may receive it, but ultimately you’ll reject it.

You cannot receive externally that which you are not generating internally.

If you do not love yourself and feel worthy of living to your highest potential, you will end up resigning from life and living a surface level, routine existence where you follow another in order to feed off any bread crumbs of significance and certainty they can provide you.

There is no fulfilment to be experienced in this low level existence.

You’ll know that you are selling yourself short, but you will find some way to dull the pain and fill the void with some momentary pleasurable indulgence.

Self-love is the oxygen of your fulfilment.

Nothing will ever be good enough until you feel good enough.

Notice how you feel about yourself.

Notice if you judge yourself.

Shift your mindset...

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Your 4 Powers to Take 100% Responsibility for!

Do you prove yourself to others? Or to Self?

When it comes down to your chosen direction for your life, what bears more weight - others perception of you? Their judgements, criticisms, or emotional reactions to your choices? Or your inner alignment guided by inspiration and authentic creation?

You see, the truth is, your responsibility lays solely with you.

If others blame you for their thinking, feeling, speaking or acting, you’re not dealing with a wise adult, you’re dealing with an under-responsible child trapped in the illusion of an adults body.

Do not mistake who you are dealing with, and certainly do not sacrifice your own growth towards adulthood in the face of their extended childhood, or you’ll only be prolonging your own.

Most ‘adult’ relationships aren’t between adults at all. They are between the irresponsible children within whose childhoods have extended well beyond the legal age of drinking.

What differentiates a child from an...

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