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Uncover your unique gifts and make a meaningful difference with your life with a  deep-dive Personality Profiling 1-on-1 Session with Vanessa!

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Breakthrough your relationship challenges once and for all and create your ideal intimate relationship with The 28 Day Extraordinary Relationship Challenge!

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“The 6 Human Needs - Master Why We Do What We Do”

Masterclass #2:

“Harnessing The Power of Masculine & Feminine Energies For Greater Self-Awareness & Attraction”

Masterclass #3:

“The 8 Levels of Self-Love & How To Empower Yourself in All!”

Masterclass #4:

“Breaking free from 'The Drama Triangle' & entering 'The Empowerment Dynamic' in all of your relationships!”

Masterclass #5:

“Contemplating Death to Ensure we Live, Love & Give to Our Highest Potential”

Masterclass #6:

“The Ultimate Achievement Blueprint for Goal-Setting Success”

Masterclass #7:

"Unpacking the Neuroscience of Your Personality to Understand Yourself & Others & Discover Your Unique Genius"

Masterclass #8:

"Introduction to NLP: Mastering Your Mindset"

Masterclass #9:

"Expanding Your Self-Esteem with The 4 Archetypes of Survival"

Masterclass #10:

"The 5 Elements of an Extraordinary Relationship!"

Masterclass #11:

“Accessing Your Power & Purpose through the 7 Vehicles of Potential”

Masterclass #12:

“Becoming Your Best Self & Deepening Bonds with The Big 5 Personality Traits”

Masterclass #13:

“Manifesting Your Highest Potential with The Enneagram - Part 1: Introduction to the 9 Types”

Masterclass #14

“Manifesting Your Highest Potential with The Enneagram - Part 2: The 27 Subtypes”

Masterclass #15

“Manifesting Your Highest Potential with The Enneagram - Part 3: Charting Your Personal Growth Path”

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"Identify & Breakthrough Your Greatest Limitation - with this Simple & Deep Technique!"


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“I’ve trained with Vanessa for 3 years now. Vanessa is different. I like that she doesn’t have a one size fits all approach for personal development. Her 1-on-1 Personality Profiling session was invaluable both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Vanessa - she is gifted and talented and living on purpose!”


"A beautiful human, inspirational coach Vanessa Jane Patrick will partner with you to locate the hidden key to the garden of your greatness where you can cultivate the flower of your genius. She will see, hear and advocate for you to be your biggest fan and prove to you that developing your talents and sharing them with the world is the greatest gift and contribution you can make."



"As a student of Vanessa’s Empowerment Academy, I am proud to have graduated with clarity. I am grateful to know that our world has her as a shining light and I am thankful to be Vanessa’s friend. It is with great honour to highly recommend coach Vanessa Jane Patrick as your inspiration to living the energetic, enthusiastic and empowered life that you deserve."

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"Why Your Relationship is Breaking Down, & How To Reverse It!"

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"I am so glad I took Vanessa’s 8 Week Empowerment Course because it does just that... empowers you to take back control of your life and start taking meaningful steps in the direction of your goals. Before this course I was feeling frustrated, stuck, and confused about many areas in my life. But in the process of the 8-weeks, Vanessa helped me to see how I could overcome feelings of overwhelm, let go of self-defeating beliefs, and become more proactive in engaging situations that were bringing me the most pain. I no longer feel like I have to stay stuck. The tools that she shared with us make me feel like I can overcome whatever challenge I set my mind to. And the connections I’ve made within the group have developed into a network of friendships that I’m sure will last a lifetime."


"I am very grateful that I have Vanessa in my life. Just a little less than a year ago when I was feeling really stuck, hurt and angry I saw her Facebook Live video. And instantly booked her 15 minute Power session. I knew I really needed a help from the coach/trainer. I have worked with Vanessa in one-on-one Transformational Coaching and just recently graduated from “The Limitless Potential 8 Week Group Coaching Empowerment Program". I’m super happy that I have joined this community. I have learned and grown so much for the past year. I have discovered my highest values. I am mentally and emotionally stronger now than I was in the past. I’m very thankful and grateful for Vanessa. Her guidance and tools helped me and empowered me to find myself when I felt I was lost. I wouldn't be where I am right now without her help."



"My trust in Vanessa and her teachings is unshakable. And her program is the best so far in the market. I feel so excited I trusted her and her amazing delivery. She’s so incredible in holding space for students to experience her wisdom and volumes of knowledge. She’s incredibly attentive to the needs and challenges of students. And her support and encouragement is second to none. She’s always available on calls and social media anytime to help and support the students. And she’s not shy to answer any questions. And her coaching is so deep and is supported by her real life experiences. I highly recommend this program unequivocally to anyone. For it has changed and transformed my life in a deeper way that I couldn’t have imagined 2 Months ago! Now I feel I’m living inspired and empowered life. With my highest values in alignment with my greatness and limitless potential. Thank you so much to you Vanessa! So much gratitude and appreciation for your unwavering support and encouragement on this journey."

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