109: Discovering Your Flow Type with Erik Thor

I had so much fun recording this and diving into the inspiring wisdom of your next special guest on the Limitless Potential show - Erik Thor.

If you have ever wondered:

👉 What personality psychology is, and how to use it for personal growth

👉 How to get into a state of flow

👉 Why you do what you do and what makes you unique from others

…then today’s episode is set to be an interesting one for you!


Erik Thor is Swede on an adventure in The Netherlands. He loves to learn about the human mind, our values, and conscious living. His goal is to nurture a culture of flow where people can be their most natural versions of themselves and where passion is at the heart of everything we do.

Check out more from Erik Thor: www.erikthor.com


Please share this with anyone you know will find this of value!

Would love to hear your thoughts on all we discussed! 😁❤️🙏




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