112: Mastering Influence through the Power of Authenticity with Deyder Cintrón

I was recently interviewed by the phenomenally talented Deyder Cintron on his podcast ‘Masters of Influence’ where we chatted deeply about the power of authenticity in building and succeeding in relationships from your personal life, to your business.

Would love to hear your thoughts and hope this adds value to you! Enjoy!


"It's no doubt that sharing our fully authentic self in social media can make us feel self-conscious at times. It's easier to just show the "highlight reel" to the world. What would happen if you shared the stuff you wouldn't normally share? The challenges and the struggles you're working on as much as the wins...well, Vanessa Jane Patrick shares how she's leveraged this level of authenticity to give her coaching business an incredible boost, build the most rewarding relationships and get quality clients from over 35 countries." - Deyder Cintron


Check out more empowering interviews from Deyder Cintron on his podcast 'Masters of Influence' here: shorturl.at/apwW9


Discover your unique Genius through the Neuroscience of Personality in this free 3 pet video series 👉www.vanessajanepatrick.com


Watch the full video interview on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/g-SmAolZtL4



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