113: Unleashing Your Authenticity & Deepening Your Intimacy through Mastering Attraction Dynamics with Kai Soto

I was just interviewed by the one and only Kai Soto on his podcast ‘Unleashed’ where we dove into all things…

- Feminine Leadership

- Attraction dynamics

- Honouring the powers of the Masculine & Feminine within us all

- The de-stressing hormones for men and women

- The power of shifting environments to wake up to new solutions to repeating life challenges

…And a ton more on personal and relational empowerment!


We'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on what we covered and any questions or wisdom that you’d like to contribute to the conversation!



Check out Kai Soto's phenomenal podcast with more empowering interviews to help you 'Unleash' on Spotify here: shorturl.at/guAM6


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