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Every month you'll get LIVE access to the latest training from Vanessa Jane Patrick - Empowerment toolsInsights, Strategies, Breakthroughs and Results to help you reach the next level of your Limitless Potential in all areas of life. 

You will master all 4 areas of IntelligenceIQ (Intellectual), BQ (Body), EQ (Emotional), & SQ (Spiritual), all followed with bonus Q&A!


You’ll get instant access to all these self-empowering Masterclasses:


- Masterclass #1: “The 6 Human Needs - Master Why We Do What We Do”


- Masterclass #2: “Harnessing The Power of Masculine & Feminine Energies For Greater Self-Awareness & Attraction”


- Masterclass #3: “The 8 Levels of Self-Love & How To Empower Yourself in All!”


- Masterclass #4: “Breaking free from 'The Drama Triangle' & entering 'The Empowerment Dynamic' in all of your relationships!”


- Masterclass #5: “Contemplating Death to Ensure we Live, Love & Give to Our Highest Potential”

Where I dive deep into the most profound lessons taught to me during my recent 10 day silent meditation retreat!


 - Masterclass #6: “The Ultimate Achievement Blueprint for Goal-Setting Success”


- Masterclass #7: “Unpacking the Neuroscience of Your Personality”


- Masterclass #8: “Introduction to NLP: Becoming a Masterful Communicator”


- Masterclass #9: “Expanding Your Self-Esteem with The 4 Archetypes of Survival”


- Masterclass #10: "The 5 Elements of an Extraordinary Relationship!"


Masterclass #11: “Accessing Your Power & Purpose through the 7 Vehicles of Potential”


Masterclass #12: “Becoming Your Best Self & Deepening Bonds with The Big 5 Personality Traits”


Masterclass #13: “Manifesting Your Highest Potential with The Enneagram - Part 1: Introduction to the 9 Types”


Masterclass #14: “Manifesting Your Highest Potential with The Enneagram - Part 2: The 27 Subtypes”


Masterclass #15: “Manifesting Your Highest Potential with The Enneagram - Part 3: Your Unique Growth Path”


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